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By integrating daily leadership goals into 1-on-1 academic tutoring and group art lessons, Head Heart Art develops a passion for learning, leading, and creating.

HHA has been teaching and inspiring students at Walton Charter Academy in Pontiac, MI since 2014.

Holistic Approach

Each lesson, discussion, and reflection integrates scholarship, leadership, and creativity. The constant combination of these 3 qualities in everything we do ensures the students develop as well-rounded thinkers. 

Staff of Leaders

We lead by example. As IB Diploma Program students all at the top of our class, we act as role models for our students. With a passionate, committed, and qualified staff of eight leaders, the students consistently receive 1-on-1 attention. Our diverse team of leaders makes sure each student is guided and challenged according to his/her individual needs.

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Each session begins with homework tutoring. With the personal attention of a leader, students take pride in showing off their multiplication and reading skills. We begin each session with tutoring to place our students in an academic mindset for the art lesson, highlighting that fun and learning can exist together.

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Each week our academic and creative tasks focus on a new leadership quality. The quality of the week generates group discussion and dictates that week's lessons. Our students reflect daily to evaluate their academic and creative use of the leadership quality. The student who best applies the quality earns his/her Head Heart Art T-shirt and is named Artist of the Week!


Our students learn an art history lesson and complete a hands-on activity every session. Each lesson focuses on a specific artist, which inspires the following activity. The lesson explores the artist's historical significance, the coinciding art movement, and relevant vocabulary words. After our students learn about famous artists of the past, they create their own art. Our activity structure is open and fluid, which encourages individual expression for each young artist. This freedom yields some truly amazing work.​

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